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  • 11 months Dear Pius Adesanmi By Sesugh Akume SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Dear Pius Adesanmi, Last Wednesday, 3 days after you took wings and flew to the great beyond, as you're aware, your family met in Abuja at Unity Fountain to celebrate your life and times, and the great impact you have on us all and generations yet unborn. These memorials have been held and are going on in various cities in Nigeria and across the world, I was privileged to attend the very first one, in Abuja, even though another ... more
  • 11 months 2019 Election Aftermath: The Presidential Sowore, Anti-Poor Buhari And The Thieving Atiku SaharaReporters |Opinion
    As I put my pen to paper or, in this case, my fingers on the keyboard, I can't help but dedicate this piece to the memory of our beloved Prof. Pius Adesanmi. The world and Africa today may be sophisticated with a vast number of professors, many of whom find it very difficult to actually profess anything worthy of true intellectualism. But in all of this and in all ways, Pius Adesanmi stands out. Like George Orwell once posited, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth ... more
  • 11 months Pius Adebola Adesanmi: Like A Dew On Grass, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú SaharaReporters |Opinion
    He appeared like a dew in the grass of my morning and evaporated at the rise of the sun. He knew, yes he knew. We were created with an expiration date. God gave us hope so we can live. Otherwise we would sit and wait to die in despondency. Pius knew, he just was not certain and he could not have been. He was, a mere mortal. He did everything in a hurry and lived quickly.  Most people know Professor Pius Adesanmi, the University teacher, ... more
  • 11 months Pius Adesanmi: Celebration Of A Life By Madiba Ibrahim Lapinni​ SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The news of your sudden death hit millions of your acquaintances all over the world with an uprooting force of a mild thunder clap. To those who all the while appreciated and adore your enviable literary and academic prodigy, with the deliberate engagement of your craft to redress societal ills, coupled with your ebullient youthful zest, it is a death too painful to bear. To the entire community of writers, academia, journalists and literary activists, the traumatic shock of your death threw many into quandary ... more
  • 11 months Nigeria: A Country of Unsung Heroes and Missed Windows of Opportunities By Akinbode Fasakin SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Two prominent Nigerians, Fela Anikulapo and Gani Fawehinmi, bestrode the Nigerian space like colossi, they indeed left their marks on the sand of time. Fela Anikulapo was the founder of Afrobeat music, from Nigeria/Africa to the rest of the world. He was from the elite class and trained as a professional musician. He used his life and music to challenge the ills of the Nigerian society, to the anger and disdain of those in power, and often to his own detriment. He led a life ... more
  • 11 months Thinking With You… Why Do Good People Die Young? By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The sudden death of Dr. Pius Adesanmi once again brings into the fore the age-old question: Why do good people die young? When good people die young, we feel devastated because we have lost something precious. Our hearts are ripped apart and left with a gaping hole. We wonder and we question why they were taken away from us. “He was such a good person, why would God kill him?” “She was so young, why would God call her home so soon? She never got ... more
  • 11 months Endless Glowing Tributes On Pius Adesanmi By Ehi Braimah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Why do good people die? Why are they always in a hurry to leave us? I have been searching everywhere for answers to these questions but no clues have come up yet. When good people die, they serve no notice; they just leave us heart-broken and helpless with so much grief and pain in our hearts. You get the feeling that they have been called to a higher purpose by our Father and Creator. There is a time to be born ... more
  • 11 months Combatting Rogue Pastors and Commercialization in South Africa By Leo Igwe SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The title of a local movie, the Fake Prophet, that was distributed in Nigeria as part of the campaign against child witchcraft accusation in the country, made me curious. Those behind this project had the best of intentions- to educate and enlighten people regarding the fraudulent claims by witch branding pastors. They wanted to expose the tricks of self styled men and women of God, the manipulations of clerics who claimed to have supernatural powers and employ such pretensions to deceive, ... more
  • 11 months New Zealand Killings And Increasing Religious Intolerance Around The World By Aroghalu Chidozie SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Reading and watching a video about how a terrorist attacked a church in the New Zealand was not only devastating but appaling.  Not to mix up issues, I believe in God, his supremacy and I believe strongly that he did not create the world for this anomaly to happen. I must also point out that Human Life is human life, whether Muslim or Christain, everyone has the right to life.  It is very painful when pretentious Christains attack Muslims and when ... more
  • 11 months Finding Trump: A Review Of The Secret Letters Of Donald Trump Age 72 1/6 By Tijani H. Ibrahim SaharaReporters |Opinion
    I will start with a confession. I was responsible for the publication of the “The Secret Letters of Donald J. Trump age 72 1/6” by Rudolf t. g. Hess. It is the same way that President Barack Obama was responsible for Donald Trump’s decision to finally run for president. At the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in 2011, Obama made fun of Donald Trump. Obama mocked Trump’s leadership on the TV Show, “The Apprentice,” deliriously comparing it with running the United ... more
  • 11 months Pseudo Democracy, Pseudo Democrats! By SOC Okenwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    SOC Okenwa SOC Okenwa The much-anticipated general elections in Nigeria had come and gone with controversies still trailing them. To the surprise of a few amongst us perhaps the presidential, legislative and gubernatorial polls produced violence, death, injuries and injustices. Generally local or national elections in Africa often represent sources of blood-letting, thuggery, electoral violence and manipulation of votes and voters. Nigeria is never an exception in this regard. Sometimes electoral seasons signalled a return to war-zones in the cities and villages as ... more
  • 11 months Finding Meaning In Pius Adesanmi’s Self-prophesied Death By Ogaga Ifowodo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Pius Adesanmi Pius Adesanmi Perhaps ‘tis kinder that vultures toilTo cleanse torch-bearers for the soilThan eagles bare their living boneChained to an eternity of stone . . .Kinder that, lured by cleansing ritesHe fell, burnt offering on the heights— Wole Soyinka In the high noon of the ninth day of March 2019, Dr Pius Adesanmi, professor of literature and African studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, in Canada, posted the rather foreboding verses of Psalm 139: 9-10 on his Facebook wall: “If I take ... more
  • 11 months Tribute To Pius Adesanmi By Bayo Aregbesola SaharaReporters |Opinion
    On February 18th, 2019 at about 6pm in Ottawa, I had a loaded conversation with Pius. Half in Yoruba and half in English, he said, “Bayo, mi o ro wipe mo ma make up to 50 years. As if to buttress his point and mock me with the premonition of his death, Pius repeated this to me in English language. “Bayo, the way I am feeling nowadays I might not make it up to the age of 50. My son was ... more
  • 11 months Right Of Reply To Pendulum Open Letter To The VP By Laolu Akande SaharaReporters |Opinion
    My dear Bob Dee! One could have easily made up his mind not to read or respond to anything you wrote after seeing the rather unprincipled queuing up behind Senator Bukola Saraki and then abandoning him, moving on to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and then deserting him as well. But I felt one should respond to your attempts to create a false narrative from the very hollow lamentation of the recent elections as the “worst in our history”. In my view, ... more
  • 11 months Southeast Excluded From National Assembly Leadership A Repeat Of Azikiwe, Awolowo’s Mistakes By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo Southeast excluded from national assembly leadership a repeat of Azikiwe, Awolowo's mistakes by Fredrick Nwabufo Building a cohesive society starts with delivering justice to all and protecting the interest of not just a few, but all in the composite unit. Justice is the adhesive which cements the foundations of attuned societies.  And it is the scaffold on which national balance rests. Mauritius is a poly-ethnic island country in Africa. The nation is a congruence of different peoples of Indian, ... more
  • 11 months Does Buhari Second Term Smell Nice? By Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The election is settled and after it comes governance. Of course, the leading loser, candidate of the People’s Democratic Party has headed to the courts (or has threatened to do so) basing his loss on being rigged out alongside electoral malpractice and so the elections in a sense may not be settled. However, pending the determination of his suit by the courts, the elections are settled. Most observers agree on the near hopelessness of the suit but urge him to go ahead ... more
  • 11 months PIUS ADESANMI…And I Cried! By ‘Remi Oyeyemi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    "Do not go to my grave ......I am not there. Look for me in between pages and on people's lips. Do not go to my old school. Do not go to my old house -  I am not in any of those places. Look for me in your hearts and greet me there."         - Kamand Kojouri (Author of "Eternal Dance")   It was not a busy day. I had finished very early from the Adetokunbo Ademola ... more
  • 11 months Arakunrin Akeredolu, ‘Kunle Adebayo And The Dying Ondo Radiovision Stations By Arakunrin Ajos SaharaReporters |Opinion
    For days now, I have kept myself updated with the countless allegations against the Interim Chairman of OSRC and OrangeFM, Mr ‘Kunle Adebayo, from concerned Ondo state people who are really desirous of a true and working radiovision outfit. I have also read from different groups, domiciled in Ondo State too, who have raised their voices against the person and character of the Chairman and his poor, autocratic management of the stations.  I waited for his response. I wanted to confirm ... more
  • 11 months Calm Down Nigerians, It’s Only Four Years! By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Early on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, by 4.40 am and four days after the presidential election held in Nigeria on Saturday, February 23, the Chairman of the ‘Independent’ National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Mahmood Yakubu, announced that Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been reelected Nigeria’s president. What this means is that, if the legal challenge being undertaken by the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, comes out unfruitful, the next four years will ... more
  • 11 months For Your Sake, Pius Adesanmi By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Rudolf Okonkwo, AKA Dr. Damages Rudolf Okonkwo, AKA Dr. Damages At, once you sign up to be a columnist, you inadvertently join a fraternity. I was one of the first members of the fraternity. Then, one day, Pius Adesanmi joined. As a fraternity, we do not meet in the dead of the night on top of an Iroko tree inside an evil forest in New York City. But when we do meet each other, usually on the road while on an ... more
  • 11 months No Hardball! Ajimobi Ko? Poskerikeri Ni!!! By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    While I was rushing down to the hospital to see my 48 hour old daughter (my first child), I stumbled on the back page of the Nation Newspaper of Wednesday 13th March and I rushed to read Hardball's short hits. Alas! Its the same perspective the APC propagandists have been building up on the revolt against Governor Ajimobi of Oyo state.  It is very easy to know when the APC attempts to launder images of the ever-corrupt characters that have been ... more
  • 11 months Ajimobi, Okorocha, Ganduje: An Unfolding Story By Azu Ishiekwene SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It’s incredible how eight years have ended as a two-word parable: constituted authority. That’s what Governor Abiola Isiaka Ajimobi would be mostly remembered for – the epigram from his encounter with students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH). That episode was perhaps one of the most catastrophic PR disasters of Ajimobi’s eight-year tenure. A teacher’s strike over the status/funding of the school two years ago left the students stranded for nearly one academic year. When the governor finally met them, ... more
  • 11 months Where Is My Son? By Hajja Gana Suleiman SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Walid turned seven last January. He is my grandson. He was in his mother’s womb when soldiers snatched his dad away from us. More than seven years ago. I have not yet had the courage to tell him what happened to his father.  It’s hard for any grandmother to explain to their seven-year-old grandchild, the absence or disappearance of that child’s parent. Whether it’s their mom or dad. But when the disappearance was caused by soldiers that are meant to protect ... more
  • 11 months 2019 Election Of Retirement Of Godfathers? Saraki, Okorocha, Akpabio Out By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo To an extent, what the 2019 general election has established is that the people are still the repository of power.   Really, has it been an election of "retirement"; "retirement" of political godfathers? The revolution in Kwara evidences a people’s defiance to a long political hegemony.  But what is stupefying is the strength of this tide. The tide swept off Senate President Bukola Saraki’s in all the local government areas; his governorship candidate and his political structure in the ... more
  • 11 months Letter To Pius: You Are Not A Dead Man By Adedokun Seyi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    You don't know me. I am sorry for introducing myself after sitting at your table, eating all your beverages and wallowing in your bathroom basin of lots of soupy dishes. I have made it a responsible for myself to pay you the truest respect, which won't even be the last. I have said, even in the grave, you remain forever. For now, till after a year, I am still seeing a mirage of the news that you've gone to prepare a ... more
  • 11 months On The 2019 Elections And Gov. Umahi’s Victory In Ebonyi State By Laz Ude Eze SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The 2019 elections in Ebonyi State has now become history. As a national officer of the Alliance for New Nigeria, I was actively involved and picked up some lessons in the process. One of such is that many folks refuse to learn from history. I was quite young in 2002/2003 when my elder brother contested elections into the State House of Assembly position in the State. The results had been written 2 days before the election and was announced while voting ... more
  • 11 months Climatic War — For A Green New Deal Or Great New Disasters? By Gbenga Oloniniran SaharaReporters |Opinion
    From World war to Civil war, to Trade war and to Climatic war; the effects of the free market economy have since been greatly felt and remains unending unless challenged, and for what we can tell, they have been disastrous. Over the years, many of the imperialist nations have treated scientific warnings with levity. The concerns of the Annex 1 countries have been more of theoretical analysis than an efficient address to the lingering climatic crisis. In the recent decades, the effects have ... more
  • 11 months The Inevitability Of Death! By Idowu Awopeju SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Is it that we have prepared for the inevitability of death that no matter how tragic and tasteless it may be, epistolary tributes flow from all corners minutes after the exit of a loved one from this world? Or, perhaps, has death become a buy-two-take-one-free product to warrant a discombobulating discomfort?  You may argue that gone are the days when market women vacated their shops and wares in honour of a fellow trader or neighbour who is no longer in their ... more
  • 11 months Flying With Your Heart In Your Mouth By Ehi Braimah SaharaReporters |Opinion
      These are certainly not the best of times for the global aviation industry with the news of another Boeing 737 Max 8 dropping off the sky recently. An Ethiopian Airlines passenger plane, aBoeing 737 Max 8 carrying 149 passengers and 8 crew members, crashed last Sunday in Bishoftu, near Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, shortly after take-off. It was meant to be a twohours flight to Nairobi, Kenya – a regular flight schedule -- that ended in a tragedy killing ... more
  • 11 months Ghana Beyond Aid, Independence In Tamale By Mathias Baba Tsado SaharaReporters |Opinion
    "Ghana is free forever, and we shall defend this freedom with the last drop of our blood."  These were the words of the enigmatic Kwame Nkrumah in 1957 when the Gold Coast was taken over by patriots who fought for their independence with everything they had. I have been pleasantly drawn to the current president of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo. He comes across to me like a man who is set to follow the footprints of the forebears of ... more
  • 11 months Pius Adesanmi: The Sun Sets At Noon! SaharaReporters |Opinion
    I was contemplating on what to write this week when the news of the crash of an Ethiopian Airline flight popped in. As is usual with such tragic news, shock was the immediate reaction as such breaking news come with very sketchy details. Such news are scary developments that often remind of man’s helplessness with certain issues. Soon after that initial shock and as typical with such horror stories, one tried to know the direction of the ill-fated flights as a ... more
  • 11 months For Pius Adesanmi, For Nigeria! By Chido Onumah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Pius Adesanmi, Carleton University’s Professor of literature and African studies who died in the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302crash near the town of Bishoftu, Ethiopia, on Sunday, March 10, was a consummate intellectual and civic activist. Pius was visible in academic and intellectual circles around the world as he was on social media and other social circles. A tribute by a mutual friend, Prof E.C. Osondu of Providence College, Rhodes Island, USA, captures the very essence of Pius’s rather short but extremely remarkable life. “Pius was ... more
  • 11 months To Payo: A Flight To Rest In Power! By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It was in 2008, at a debate with Ademola Adesola at the famous English department lobby where Journalism and debates are cross fertilized and pasted, that I first heard about the fiery progressive scholar, Pius Adesanmi. Ademola had referred to Pius as the kind of radical intellectual he preferred as against extremists (obviously referring to my jagamu kind of raging writings which was the thing Left liberals hold against revolutionaries.) I was already wary of the diasporanic writers due to ... more
  • 11 months The Anglo-Nigerian Premier League: How Much The English Premier League Means To Nigeria​ By Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    “The thing about football -the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football ”- Terry Pratchet It’s a Saturday, the league games are on for the weekend, then there is a goal in England! Be sure there would be a corresponding loud noise going up in jubilation in faraway Nigeria where millions of fans are glued to their television sets in their homes, viewing centers (which are businesses  that operate to show soccer matches alone for ... more
  • 11 months Saraki: O-To-Ge! By SOC Okenwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The presidential and parliamentary polls of Saturday 23rd of February this year had come and gone controversially but the political repercussions are still here with us. The Independent(?) National Electoral Commission (INEC) had conducted the general elections generally with determination -- given the huge logistical and organisational challenges yet everyone were not satisfied with the outcome. While the ruling party big men and women were obscenely celebrating their triumphant political conquest or re-conquest (especially at the presidential level) the opposition PDP ... more
  • 11 months How Governor Isiaka Ajimobi Shredded The APC In Oyo State By Abiodun Ladepo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The video went viral the night of February 24th…that of Governor Ajimobi talking to a handful of aides and supporters, comforting himself and sensitizing the motley crew of hangers-on to the imminent defeat he was about to be officially handed. In a rare public display of affection, his wife wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind as Ajimobi patted himself on the back for being the first to be reelected as governor of Oyo State - a feat that birthed ... more
  • 12 months Dr. Pius Adesanmi: A Flaming Writer With A Fiery Message By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Pius Adesanmi Pius Adesanmi Finding out about Dr. Pius Adesanmi’s Death was devastating. I was dumbstruck and thought it must have been a mistake. When a great man, a good friend dies, there are no words that can fill the void. My mind is searching for unanswerable question: “Why?” “Why Pius Adesanmi?” But then, as we all know death is inevitable and it can visit anyone, any time. The question now is: How are we going to get through this? Will our lives ... more
  • 12 months Nigeria 2019 Governorship Elections: Foretelling The Outcome By Omoshola Deji SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Governing a state in Nigeria is equivalent to, or more demanding than, ruling some countries in Africa and the world. For instance, the Governor of Lagos State has about 20 million persons to cater for, while the President of Togo and Denmark have just about 6 and 8 million people under their watch. In matured democracies, the rigors of providing credible leadership dissuade people from contesting, but that is not the case in Nigeria because politics is very rewarding. Over 90 ... more
  • 12 months Balance For Better: Society Must Be Deliberate In Breaking Glass Ceilings By Yinka Adeosun SaharaReporters |Opinion
    “What a man can do, a woman can do better” is a popular cliché which seeks to juxtapose the two genders. Often times, it is raised when one, usually the female, is favoured above the other. But is it true that one gender is better than the other? History doesn’t support this claim.  The fifth Sustainable Development Goal, “gender equality” is a term that seeks to promote equal access to resources, opportunities. It underscores the realism that one gender is neither ... more
  • 12 months Celebrities In Celebrated Sex Cases By Emmanuel Onwubiko SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The codification of the universal declarations of human rights (UDHR) became imperative prior to its writing in 1948 when humanity suffered some of the worst cases of mass killings and wars that led to the wanton killings of millions of members of the human race through the deployment by men of weapons of mass destruction. The first and second World wars perhaps occasioned the evolution of the universal principles of human rights. The advent of these global human rights' instruments and ... more
  • 12 months Now That The Elections Have Been Won And Lost, Shall We Discuss Governance And Development? By Abdullah Abdulganiy SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The last few months had been a tortuous one for dear country. Since certain figures declared interest in certain political posts, the political atmosphere of Nigeria had been intense. Ever since then, governance had taken flight for politicking as discussions on how to move Nigeria forward were largely put on hold, and political discussions took the center stage. Last year heralded the primaries of different parties and we all know the sham that characterized the whole exercise. Where dollars did not ... more
  • 12 months INEC: Between Perception And Reality By Rotimi Lawrence Oyekanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The opportunity to serve in my current capacity at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has opened my eyes to many underlying factors that shape the conduct of elections in a way I would never have imagined from the outside. From my privileged position, I could not but appreciate the enormous challenges faced by the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the National Commissioners and other hardworking staff members of the Commission, as they planned for and conducted each of the 195 ... more
  • 12 months APC’s Suspension Of Amosun, Okorocha, Others Is In Order By Peter Claver Oparah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Last week, the All Progressives Congress, emerging from an emphatic victory at the just-concluded 2019 presidential election, wielded the big stick on some errant members of the party that have conducted themselves in riotous manners since the kick-off of the 2019 election. It was variously described as the day of the long knives as the party demonstrated an unsmiling posture in its effort to arrest gross indiscipline and the anti-party conducts in its ranks and file. Among those suspended or penciled ... more
  • 12 months Who Are The Real Third Force? By Habib Oladapo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    As the dust raised by the 2019 Nigerian election settles and the frenzy over the results reach a denouement, the speed train is set to move away from the memories of another quadrennial interference and we get back to what is left of our respective lives, some thoughts from the backlash still ravage my mind. Before the election season came around, Nigerians cried bitterly about our travails under this administration. We wailed that Nigeria had become the ‘poverty capital’ of the globe. ... more
  • 12 months Tinubu’s Attack On The Igbo Is Meant To Divide The Poor Masses By Lai Brown SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The recent outburst of the APC’s Bola Tinubu about the Igbo in Lagos generated a chain of reactions and tensions between both ethnic groups. If this combustible politics of ethnic mobilization by Tinubu and co goes unchecked it might lead to avoidable chaos. Saddening as it is if that happens it will be the poor working people who will bear the brunt immediately and not Tinubu. It is important we understand the interests behind a position to guide our action in ... more
  • 12 months What Can Buhari Do Differently In His Second Coming? By Ogochukwu Paul SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In 2015, there were much high hopes from a lot of Nigerians especially common Nigerians when Muhammadu Buhari for the first time emerged the president of Nigeria. He contested as the presidential flag bearer for the APC - a new opposition party formed on a string of mergers in other to have a strong base to wrestle power from the PDP. The high hopes were as a result of the certainty that his presidency was going to do a lot of great ... more
  • 12 months Why Buhari Should Sack Marilyn Amobi And Probe NBET By Godwin Onyeacholem SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Although she wears the look of an angel, what lies beneath the pleasant façade is the exact opposite. To say Dr. Marilyn Amobi, Managing Director/CEO of the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET) Plc, is utterly imperious and saucy would be putting it mildly. Besides the abiding tyrannical behaviour and cheekiness, she is as Machiavellian as they come—ever contriving and plotting to have her way, and if not, take down anyone, staff or non-staff, perceived to be standing in the way of ... more
  • 12 months Let Somebody Tell Tinubu, The Thieving Iragbiji Migrant, That Lagos Belongs To All​ By Sanyaolu Juwon SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The February 23 Presidential election was by far one of the most desperately conducted elections in the history of Nigeria Democracy. It may infact be ranked as the worst election ever. This was an election that was conducted amidst unprecedented state aggression, physical and psychological intimidation. Complicated by a "shoot on sight order" issued by the presidency purportedly against ballot box snatchers, circumstances surrounding the conduct of the elections later revealed that the much touted shoot on sight was in fact meant to intimidate voters and enforce ... more
  • 12 months Do The Igbo And The Yoruba Know They Are Sons Of “Oduduwa”? By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo And the Supreme Being commissioned Oduduwa, a "sky-god", to carry out a terrestrial task; he descended from heaven with a cockerel which had six fingers. And the earth was made by him through the ingenious deployment of his avian subject.  But that was after ‘Atewonro’ had sprinkled some dirt on the ocean to found Ile-Ife.  And he had wives, and sons who founded other kingdoms.  So the mythic origin of the Yoruba says. In Igbo mythic origin, the Supreme Being sent Eri down ... more
  • 12 months Lagos Ethnic Clash: Taming An Ethnic Conflict Before It Begins By Aroghalu Chidozie SaharaReporters |Opinion
    During the 2019 Elections,  I had seen pictures in Okota , a part of Lagos state said to be a stronghold of the Igbos , the pictures showed voters  irregularities.  To me basically, I thought in another mind that the clash could have happened even if that area was dominated by another tribe so there was no need for ethnic attachment. Days after this singular incident , I have began to hear about stories of the Igbo people not belonging to Lagos ... more
  • 12 months There’s Victory In Defeat For Omoyele Sowore By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Bayo Oluwasanmi Bayo Oluwasanmi The case was presented. The jury recessed. A verdict was reached: Omoyele Sowore, African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate was guilty as charged for running as candidate driven by fearless ideas. He lost the election! Everyone who tries, fails some time. This is a fact of life regardless of what position you run for. Sowore's long running activism shows he's a person who choke in high-pressure situations but goes on to accomplish something that most others have not. Sowore ... more
  • 12 months Tinubu’s Anti-Igboism: Lagos Belongs To Lagosians! By Towolawi Jamiu SaharaReporters |Opinion
    QIf Tinubu believes in Lagos, why is it that he has First Nation Airline, and Lagos does not have one? Why is it that he has plenty hotels including the four-star Oriental Hotels, and Lagos does not.? Why is that the whole of Lagos have not built any new higher institution since 1999, the worst education performance in Southwest?! There are only two people in Lagos- the poor and the rich.  We urge the Igbos not to be intimidated as they pay taxes like everyone. They should also not behave like Tinubu and return the hatred by directing it towards ... more
  • 12 months Femi Kusa On A Fool’s Errand By Kennedy Emetulu SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Kennedy Emetulu These are the days of the hyenas. They’re gleefully cracking up the bones of Nigeria and counting their bloody shekels. Mr John Olufemi Kusa, who at one time was Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian Newspapers in Nigeria took to his Facebook page to produce a two-part piece he titled, “OKOTA: THE IGBO QUESTION, JIMI AGBAJE, AFENIFERE AND THE REST OF US.” For some of us who’ve worked at The Guardian and who understand the ethos of that great institution, Mr Kusa has always been an embarrassment. Below are links to his piece. My ... more
  • 12 months Buhari, Sowore, Northern Influence And Other Takeaways From 2019 Presidential Election By Tobi Oyetunde SaharaReporters |Opinion
    President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress came atop 72 other candidates that contested in the just concluded presidential election in Nigeria. There was much news heralding the number of candidates gunning for the presidential seat this year. It was an all-time high, a note that there are many people interested in ruling Nigeria; the genuineness of their ambition, however, remains to be seen. Some of the candidates threw in the towel even before the real race began by forming ... more
  • 12 months Atiku: An Omen Worse Than Defeat By Azu Ishiekwene SaharaReporters |Opinion
    As the final results of last week’s presidential poll were released, three broad groups emerged: Those genuinely surprised that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar, lost; those in pretentious denial of his defeat; and those in a quandary because they hoped to profit from a stalemate.  The first group comprise those who expected that the electoral math would be significantly affected by the farmer-herdsmen clashes in the Middle Belt; the fragile economic recovery and job losses; the widespread feeling ... more
  • 12 months Tasks Before Buhari In The ‘Next level’ By Aroghalu Chidozie Law SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Some few days ago, the Independent National Electoral Commission declared the current Nigerian President, for another four-year tenure. Controversial as the election that ushered him in maybe, the tasks before Mr Muhammadu Buhari remains very huge. During his 2015 campaigns, he premised his ambition on the need for change, while many have faulted his performance during the first time, others picked positives from it.   Coming into a new tenure, the work of the All Progressives Congress candidate has been cut-out. ... more
  • 12 months With Buhari’s 4+4, Igbo Presidency In 2023 Is Now Non-Negotiable By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Nation-building is not perfunctory; it is deliberate, planned and decisive.  A country as enormous, diverse and delicate as Nigeria cannot evolve organically when a part of it is marooned and confined in the fringes of political exclusion. The argument has always been, “the Igbo are not ready”, and “they are not playing the right politics”. But this argument is classically insipid and hollow. Some people have also argued that the Igbo are “putting their eggs in one basket”.  This is also ... more
  • 12 months Nigeria 2019: A Long Wait To Vote By Comrade Muhammed Adoke SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Challenged by main rival, Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari had to tango with Seventy One other Candidates which includes the highest proportion of younger aspirants for the most revered Political Position in Nigeria's Democratic history. With the two major political parties, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) boastful of immense support bases from the Northern and Southern parts of the country respectively, victory for either Candidates was predictably wrested in the ... more
  • 12 months After Saraki’s Fall, Is Tinubu Next? By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Dynasties rise and fall. It is a natural order.  But there are factors which precipitate the declension of dynasties. For example, the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties was influenced by changes in weather conditions such as drought and famine. When the people are starving and dying of thirst they revolt against their emperors. The eclipsing of Senate President Bukola Saraki in Kwara state reinforces the power of citizens’ revolt. Mass revolts through the ballot are still potent.  It is evident ... more
  • 12 months Buhari’s Victory Is A Revolution By Peter Claver Oparah​ SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Those who have been following my writings and social media activities will know that I had long called last Saturday’s presidential election for President Muhammadu Buhari. You may be partly right if you conclude that I was able to do so because I am a long standing fan of President Buhari. They also know that in 2015, I emphatically called the election for Buhari and he won. Baring any delays, President Buhari will soon be announced as the winner of last ... more
  • 12 months The Death Of Bukola Abiku Mesujamba Saraki: A Funeral No One Attends By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It is my sad duty today to inform you of the political demise of Senator Bukola Abiku Mesujamba Saraki, the Patriarch of Saraki Corruption Dynasty (SCD). Mesujamba Saraki entered his political mortality at 15:20 Nigerian time Saturday, February 23, 2019. The brutal electoral defeat of Mesujamba Saraki, the Kwara native son on Saturday capped one of the longest running fraudulent career of a politician of our time. His appearance at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) in the heady days of ... more
  • 12 months Is Nigeria Winning? Atiku is Winning, Buhari is Winning By Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    With the declaration of the Independent National Electoral Commission that the results would be declared in a not too distant future, one can reasonably begin to fear that something is going wrong or is about to. The collation is taking so much time and the toll of violence is rising. In 2015, we already knew who the next President was by Sunday afternoon.  It is not impressive that the elections so far have not reflected free and fair with some areas ... more
  • 12 months Atiku’s Tough Electoral Map To Clinch Presidency By Ademola Bello SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In all his entire political career Atiku Abubakar has hungered for affection in northern Nigeria. But that has paid him little dividends in electoral victories. In order to endear himself to the masses, he bagged elitist chieftaincy titles in his State of Origin. He was formerly the Turakin of Adamawa. Atiku was promoted last year by the Lamido of Adamawa (king) as the Wazirin of Adamawa.  According to William F. S. Miles in his book "Scars of Partition: Postcolonial Legacies in French ... more
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