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  • 10 months Dear Obasanjo, You’re Disillusioned. That’s Fine. But, Stop Being A Bigot By Churchill Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    My dear Obasanjo, I understand that the day the results of the 2019 Presidential elections became clear will remain the worst day in your life. I was told that as the minutes’ tick-tocked to hours and then, days, your heart temporarily stopped beating when you realized that President Buhari has been re-elected. Immediately, you fell into a state of paralysis.  Tears fell from your eyes. Maybe it was all a bad dream, you initially thought. But you awoke the next day ... more
  • 10 months Amaechi’s Train Ride For $2b Silence By Azu Ishiekwene SaharaReporters |Opinion
    If it had been news about the former sports minister who had defiantly sat on $150,000 mistakenly paid into the ministry’s account by the IAAF, I might have found it easier to believe. Never mind Solomon Dalung’s beret and fatigue, his recalcitrance over the miscued money is at odds with his socialist pretensions. The IAAF saga suggests that he likes money and covets it even more when it does not belong to him. Why seize $150,000 in spite of passionate pleas ... more
  • 10 months June 12th, Democracy Day And Nigeria’s Dance Of Death By Femi Fani-Kayode SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Today is June 12th, our nation's Democracy Day and I have some home truths to tell. The struggle for June 12th was indeed a noble, worthy, cataclysmic and monumental one. It was also something of a nightmare which littered our fields with many corpses and soaked the very foundation of our nation with blood, sweat and tears. I can confirm that because I was deeply involved in it and for many years I, along with many others, fought for it's actualisation. ... more
  • 10 months June 12 And The Way Forward By Raymond Oise-Oghaede SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Now that 12th of June has been officially signed into law as the country's `Democracy Day` and a public holiday, I am of the opinion that it will be pertinent to do a thorough review of its nitty-gritty for clarity and better understanding because there is more to `that date` in the history of our existence than meets the eye.  June 12, 1993 was a day Nigerians came out in droves to exercise their one of their civic responsibilities. But, unlike ... more
  • 10 months Political Exclusion Of Southeast Is Affirming The Propaganda Of Biafra Extremists By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo “Onye Nigeria, I told you one day, there will be job adverts for positions in the federal civil service, and there will be a clause: ‘No candidate from the southeast allowed’; the exclusion of Ndi Igbo from the leadership of the three arms of government is just the beginning.” That was the message of an Igbo nationalist to me. Nnamdi is a "sparring mate", who scavenges for daily upsets and annoyances about Nigeria. He has been dutiful in this enterprise. We ... more
  • 10 months Spoken Word: Separation Or Desecration Of Power By Hannatu Musawa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Now that the leadership of the legislature has emerged with Senator Ahmad Lawan as Senate President and Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila as Speaker of the House of Representatives, we should all be able to breathe a sigh of relief. But the way and manor of their emergence, where members of the executive at the state and federal level were reported to have played a part in the negotiating process, might leave room for discomfort. Indeed the contentious emergence of the leadership of ... more
  • 10 months Opinion: Art Of Stewardship And The Clash of Personalities In Kogi State By Gideon Ojata SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In recent years, personality psychologists have refined our understanding of personality and have reached a working consensus that personality traits can be comprehensively conceptualized and reliably measured by observing the dealings of people in their public and private lives, but specifically for the focus of this piece, their political lives. We must understand that democracy is a contact sport. It's a battle that throws you against one another. Everyone gets bruises: the losers and even the winners. So it is disappointing ... more
  • 10 months Walter’s Wake-keep By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In the Boston metropolitan area is a Liberian who loved to attend Nigerian parties. (Let us call him Walter, because we have no permission to use his real name.) He loved Nigerian music, jollof rice, pepper soup, Shoki dance and watching Nigerians spray dollar bills like snow flakes at these parties. Trust Nigerians in America, they come up with every reason to throw a party - child dedication, wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation, send-off, wake-keep, etc. Every party is special but none ... more
  • 10 months Leprous Northern Nigeria By Erasmus Ikhide SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Erasmus Ikhide Erasmus Ikhide   NIGERIAN First Lady Hajiya Aisha Buhari is known to have been stepping up to the plague ailling Northern Nigeria and the entire country since the husband's signs of woeful failure in governance emerged after two years in office. She fired another salvo at the weekend, charging the nation's security leadership to save the north from going down under in the hands of Boko Haram, Fulani marauding terrorists, armed bandits and beastly kidnappers who have uprooted 25,000 people, raised ... more
  • 10 months Early Signs Of Buhari’s Second Term And Tasks Ahead Of Nigerians By Bright Ogundare SaharaReporters |Opinion
      The second tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari kicked off amidst fanfare on May 29. However, barely two weeks into the second term, the initial fanfare has proven to be a smokescreen for the turbulence ahead. This is, no thanks, to several signs that have brought scrutiny to what really is in store for Nigerians in the next four years. After the president’s inauguration, Nigerians were eagerly waiting for Buhari's inauguration speech. Unfortunately, the presidency dropped a bombshell, the president would ... more
  • 10 months Buhari’s Hammer On AIT By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo   The Buhari presidency’s animus against AIT has a four-year history. On April 26, 2015, a reporter and a cameraman of the TV station were estopped from covering the affairs of then President-elect Buhari at the Defence House. And since then, it has been a test of wills. The fount of this hostility is the government’s perception of the broadcaster as an opposition medium. I have perused the long and winding statement of the NBC, explaining the reasons for ... more
  • 10 months Mohammed Bello Adoke: No Need To Revise History By Reno Omokri SaharaReporters |Opinion
    I read the interview given by the former Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Mohammed Bello Adoke, in which he disingenuously tried to first give credit for former President Goodluck Jonathan’s unprecedented concession to erstwhile Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu'azu, who he alleged wanted to concede to General Muhammadu Buhari because of the “endless wait and anxiety in the country before Mr Jonathan was prevailed on to place a call that ended the tense situation.” Mr. Adoke ... more
  • 10 months Pastor William Kumuyi Is Wrong! By Marcel Emeka Okwara SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Pastor Kumuyi Pastor Kumuyi Wikipedia On Sunday, Politics Times has on its website this caption: "Let Nigerians express their views-- Shehu Sani cautions Kumuyi.” I was attracted to read the publication because it has the name of a man I deeply respect and have seen from a close range. Once upon on a time, I lived with my maternal uncle and his wife in Lagos. Occasionally, they did compel me to follow them to their church, The Deeper Christian Life Ministry. I was living in ... more
  • 10 months The Speech Buhari Didn’t Make By Reuben Abati SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Nigerians were left speechless on May 29 when after taking the oaths of office and allegiance, President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo left the Eagle Square, the venue of the Presidential Inauguration ceremony without uttering a word. The President had nothing to say to Nigerians. He simply went back into his car and returned to the Presidential Villa. I thought that was an anti-climax. It was such a beautiful ceremony, what with the prayers, parades, gun salute and the ... more
  • 10 months Is Adams Oshiomole A Secret Weapon Of The PDP? By Femi Aribisala SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Adams Oshiomhole may not be a card-carrying member of the PDP.  As a matter of fact, he is the national chairman of the ruling APC.  Nevertheless, he has been a major blessing to the PDP and a systematic liability to the APC.  If one did not know any better, you might conclude that Oshiomhole is a PDP plant in the APC.  So counter-productive have been the activities of the APC national chairman to the fortunes of his party. Case Against Oshiomhole ... more
  • 10 months Buhari, How Does Your Support For Palestine Benefit Nigeria? By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo   There is no morality in global politics. It is eat or be eaten. The nucleus of international relations, beyond the niceties of diplomacy, is interesting. Substantially, foreign relations is a trade of interests. Nothing is given for nothing. Every country seeks its own even in the extension of charity to another country. But Nigeria’s approach to foreign relations has always been ludicrous. No head or tail, just some whimsical pursuits without accruing benefits to the country or to ... more
  • 10 months Buhari’s Second Term: Next Level Of Horror By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The second day Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in for second term as president of a country with economy “stuck like a stranded truck,” with unemployment at 23%, with inflation at 11%, with 94 million people living on less than $1.90 a day, more than in any other country, with unprecedented violence, kidnappings, and killings by Fulani herdsmen terrorists, Baba Go Slow jets out to Saudi Arabia to attend the meeting of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). What a wrong way to start ... more
  • 10 months How About We Legalise Prostitution in Nigeria? By Adebayo Raphael SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Yes, how about we legalize prostitution? I know that to some people, it sounds off-putting, but what exactly is your grouse against it? You would probably say your religion frowns against it. Or that it belies your pseudo-moralist view of what the right social behavior should be. Some might even go as far as saying their culture is not in support of it. It’s all crap. I think those are all excuses. You are just making up excuses for you to be ... more
  • 10 months Depression By Iyawe Isoken SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In the past, Nigerians were said to be resilient, but the case is different now. The World Health Organization in 2017 declared that globally, about 300million people are depressed; and In Nigeria, about 7.8million people are said to be suffering from depression, with about 1.5million cases yearly, and that is about 3.9% of Nigerians population. This earned Nigeria the title of "the most depressed country in Africa." What is Depression? It is a mental health problem that is marked by persistent ... more
  • 10 months My Nations Cup Story And Super Eagles Chances By Ehi Braimah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Football is like opium, the addictive analgesic, taken by football fans around the world – the evidence abounds in every stadium environment and around television sets screening live matches. Now, you can also watch a tension-soaked match on your tablet or smartphone, as long as it is internet enabled and the appropriate apps are downloaded, many thanks to rapidly growing technologies! Nigerians are very passionate about football and the English Premier League (EPL) and other leagues in Europe have driven this passion to an all-time high. For those who do not know, I’m ... more
  • 10 months Can We Move On Like This? By Idowu Awopeju SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The highest that can happen when you lose a loved one is to be buried with him/her in your subconscious mind but never will the bereaved be entombed with the departed. In essence, no matter how severely pained you are about the exit, either timely or untimely, of a friend/relative, after some time, grudgingly or otherwise, it is a given that you will move on.  Apparently, we have moved on after the ill-fated Ethiopian Airline. But it is notoriously difficult for ... more
  • 10 months Dear Governor Ben Ayade, The Sun Has Risen Again By Elias Ozikpu SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Let me begin by congratulating you on the successful inauguration of your second coming, like I did in August of 2015 when, at the end of my congratulatory treatise, I suggested some of the cardinal problems you needed to confront within the first four years of your administration. Needless to say, not one of those suggestions was executed and the result as evident in your first term is lamentable. As the sun rises in the morning of your second coming, we ... more
  • 10 months ANALYSIS: How Come President Buhari’s Assets Did Not Appreciate or Depreciate In Four Years? By Kelechukwu Ogu SaharaReporters |Opinion
    President Buhari Inspectig His Herds Of Cattle In Daura President Buhari Inspecting His Mango Tree In Daura President Buhari Inspecting His Farmland In Daura, Katsina State On Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari declared his assets in fulfillment of Section 140 subsection 1 of the 1999 constitution.  The section reads, “A person elected to the office of President shall not begin to perform the functions of that office until he has declared his assets and liabilities as prescribed in this Constitution and he has ... more
  • 10 months Spoken Word: Ramadan Week 4; Ya Allah My Du’a Is For Hajiya Zulaiha Muhammad Buhari By Hannatu Musawa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Today marks exactly five and a half years, since the passing of a very special and unique woman, my friend and sister, Hajiya Zulaiha Muhammad Buhari. She passed on Thursday the 29th of November 2012. She was the first daughter of President Muhammad Buhari. To anyone that knew or heard of her gentle soul, Zulaiha or Magajiya (she was named after her paternal grandmother) as her loved ones fondly called her, was the most humble and gentle human being you could ever meet. ... more
  • 10 months Crocodile Tears For Zamfara And A Culture Of Interference By Azu Ishiekwene SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The immediate reason why the Supreme Court ruling on Zamfara has sparked a civil war in the All Progressives Congress (APC) is that the decision could further complicate the outcome of the leadership vote in the 9th National Assembly in a few days. Before the ruling nullified the election of the three APC senators from Zamfara, the party had 65 senators, for example, which is seven less than the two-thirds majority required to produce the next Senate president, without help from the ... more
  • 10 months What Will Nigeria Look Like In Buhari’s Second Coming? By ‘Fisayo Soyombo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    When President Muhammadu Buhari is sworn in on Wednesday for a second consecutive democratic term in office, it will be a low-key affair: no pomp or pageantry, no retinue of world leaders. In practice, this is due to Buhari’s admittedly smart decision to officially recognise June 12 — rather than May 29 — as Nigeria’s Democracy Day in honour of MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, who was denied his mandate by military dictator Ibrahim ... more
  • 10 months Adewura’s Death: What Is The Value Of The Nigerian Life? By Damilola Faustino SaharaReporters |Opinion
    After social media messages surfaced on May 15th that beautiful and recent graduate of the University of Lagos, Adewura Lateefa Bello, has gone missing along the Cement/Iyana Ipaja axis of the center of excellence, hundreds of Nigerians contributed their likes, retweets, and comments to make the message go viral and it sure did. Sadly, social media has become a platform for Nigerians to report their challenges, problems, and concerns because the people, the government and its parastatals have completely failed and collapsed ... more
  • 10 months Ndigbo: As 2019 Beckons By Peter Claver Oparah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Ohaneze National President, John Nwodo at Ukehe For Ndigbo, another chance beckons in 2019. Yes, in 2019, Nigeria will go through another election process. After the self-inflicted tragedy of 2015, the coming election should be an opportunity for Igbo to mend or further mar their chances in a Nigeria that is built on multi-ethnic chassis. Will it be a period for Igbo to undo the mistake they did to themselves in 2015, which has worsened their fate? Will Ndigbo use that golden ... more
  • 10 months Dear Buhari, Don’t End Up Making Jonathan, Obasanjo, IBB Look Like Heroes By Your Failure By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo In Nigeria, governments come and go, but each one outpaces the other in impunity, non-performance, corruption, and incompetence.  Before the administration of President Buhari, that of Goodluck Jonathan was knocked as the archetypal highhanded, clueless, corrupt and wasteful government. But before Jonathan’s reign, Obasanjo’s administration was pilloried as a corrupt and iron-fisted “regime”, and before that, the military administrations were adjudged the “portmanteau of all evils”. I must say, most Nigerians still consider the military administrations as the “portmanteau of ... more
  • 11 months On The Fulanisation Agenda By Egbeolowo Ridwan SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It would have sounded unpleasant to the ears of they that heard TY Danjuma the day he said, "one thing we should know is that these generals including Buhari knows the problem of the country ranging from terrorism to the least problem we are faced. It's a pity that these people believe they can't create a future they won't live in". I must confess that I am in consensus ad idem with Danjuma's assertion. Danjuma may be a politician, or among ... more
  • 11 months We Must All Be Fulani By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo Conspiracy theories are the palm oil of Nigeria’s politics. They give taste to falsehood, tension, fear and unrest.  And often, they are ignorantly eaten, regurgitated and spewed by the unwary. On December 11, 2013, former President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote a caustic missive entitled, ‘Before it is too late’, searing former President Jonathan and his administration. He alleged that Jonathan was “clannish” and that he was promoting an Ijaw agenda. He also alleged that the immediate past president was arming militants, ... more
  • 11 months A Vote For Plastic Ban In Nigeria By Chinedu Asadu SaharaReporters |Opinion
    On Tuesday, Nigeria’s house of representatives passed a bill banning the use and sale of plastic bags in the country. According to the legislation, anyone that fails to provide customers with paper bags in place of plastic ones risks three years in jail or a fine of N500,000 - or both at the worst case scenario. The bill would have to be worked on by a conference committee of the house and senate before being sent to the president for assent ... more
  • 11 months IPOB’s Words Of Palm Wine: Stone Igbos Who Fail To Sit-At-Home By Churchill Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The diverse human experiences and artistic dimensions in Chinua Achebe’s works capture how Igbos distaste laziness and drunkenness. In the rich Igbo culture and tradition, for example, drunkards are not given a position of authority. They are laughed at for their buffoonery and refusal to work to discourage the young ones in the community from towing that line. In Achebe’s Arrow of God, after Obika was whipped by the white man, Ezeulu, the Chief Priest accused his son of being “blind ... more
  • 11 months Buhari: The Absentee President By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Of all Nigerian Presidents, President Muhammadu Buhari lacks relevant experience and subject expertise for the job of the president. Tragically, Buhari has failed to make up for his historical lack of qualifications. He has compounded the problem with his historical laziness. Buhari is an absentee president who relish overseas jaunts instead of finding solutions to crippling socio-economic and political problems facing Nigeria. Nigerians don’t know exactly what Buhari is doing or would do as president. His plans, policies, and programs remain ... more
  • 11 months Why Wike is Chasing Shadows By Idoko Ainoko SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Anyone seeking to understand the concept of a tortured soul only needs to pay close attention to Rivers State Governor, Mr. Nyesom Wike, whose every action in recent days seems to provoke his demons instead of pacifying them.   Yet, Wike knows the solution to his problems, he has to stop chasing shadows and focus on the reality, the reality that he is fighting a lost war of attrition. He sowed the wind and he is now reaping the whirlwind, physically and ... more
  • 11 months To Hell With Self(ish) Interest, Outside The Box By Alex Otti SaharaReporters |Opinion
    "Politics is a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles; the conduct of public affairs for private advantage" - Ambrose Bierce As is usual in Nigeria, the word ‘interest’ has been bastardised but I will come back to that shortly. Take the expression ‘PR’, which has acquired such notoriety that the actual Public Relations practitioners think twice before using that expression to describe what they do. When a Nigerian tells you that he’s not ‘being carried along’, you must ... more
  • 11 months Spoken Word: Ramadan Week 3 – Ya Allah My Du’a Is For President Buhari As He Forms His Government By Hannatu Musawa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Ya Allah, my Du’a in this third week of Ramadan is for President Buhari as he forms his next government. In 2015, President Buhari became the first challenger to unseat an incumbent president in Nigeria’s history and was sworn-in amid great hope and enormous goodwill. Following his inauguration, the country was awash with optimism that his government would reignite a fading economy. In this crispy new 2019, he has been reelected. The elections came with much apprehension, zeal and exuberance. All eyes ... more
  • 11 months Confirmed: Buhari, Other Nigeria Leaders Suffering From Narcissist Disorder By Ehi Ekhator SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Yesterday, while I was walking in the street of London, the thought of Nigeria predicament and how we keep taking one step forward and five steps backward kept crawling on me. I haven't been able to digest why a country full of intelligent and influential Nigerians cannot solve a simple problem, that is, to improve the lives of her people despite the natural endowment God has gifted us. Since 1999, the Nigerian leadership qualities fell drastically, the culture of respect and ... more
  • 11 months History Beckons As June 12 Becomes Democracy Day In Nigeria By Joe Igbokwe SaharaReporters |Opinion
    After 27 years struggle, great history was recorded when the National Assembly ratified June 12 as Democracy Day in Nigeria. For 27 years we struggled, we spoke, we appealed, we begged, we asked and called the attention of the powers that be since 1999 that May 29 former President Obasonjo chose as Democracy Day is a fraud, null and void, and of zero consequence. We said so because nothing significant was attached to the date by those who sold the idea to ... more
  • 11 months SPOKEN WORD: ‘Ya Allah, My Du’a Is For Drug Abuse To Stop!’, By Hannatu Musawa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    RAMADAN WEEK 2 Drug addiction in Nigeria is a disease that is branded and disregarded. And as long as society, government and the medical community continue to ignore it and fail to identify it for what it is, it will continue to be an epidemic that is on the increase. Notwithstanding the fact that this epidemic is essentially a disease, the victims are stigmatized and criminalized by the court of public opinion and there is no public policy in place for ... more
  • 11 months Is Yahaya Bello A Hard Choice For President Buhari? By George Oyedepo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    For anyone who cares to listen, the Governor of Kogi state Yahaya Bello will proudly thump his chest and say he is the godson of the president, Muhammadu Buhari. Since he assumed office, Bello made his subservient ways to please the president very overt. He is not ashamed to be at the beck-and-call of the president even when his duties are not needed. Bello somehow manages to worm his way through, positioning himself as the true son of the president. His ... more
  • 11 months The Problems And The Solutions To The Nigerian Power Sector By Ettu Mohammed SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The Transmission Company of Nigeria is 100 % owned and managed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and it is the weakest in the Nigerian Electricity Network. TCN is the heart of the Generating and Disco Company that was privatized in 2013. Hence technically the FG owns the Disco and Gencos. Moreover The FG still owns 40% of  the privatized Genco and Disco. When the heart is not working it means you are dead no matter what you do with the body.  ... more
  • 11 months The Yoruba Deserve 2023 Presidency, The Igbo Are Not A Serious People By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo There is nothing as fatal as a blow from a “consanguineal fist”.  A cut from a “sibling” hurts deeper than that from a stranger. I have been inflicted severe cuts – caustic verbal attacks - by some Igbo persons for advocating a president of Igbo extraction in 2023. While some of them are irritated by the attention that I have been able to generate for the cause, a few others see the “advocacy” as a means of cutting deals for ... more
  • 11 months Legality Of Marijuana In Nigeria: A Legal Opinion By Kayode Ajulo PhD SaharaReporters |Opinion
    AbstractIn the recent times, there have been calls from different quarters on the need to legalize the use of Marijuana in Nigeria. This legal opinion considers the mischief behind the laws proscribing the production, possession, sale and use of Marijuana and thereafter considers the benefits of legalizing Marijuana in Nigeria. IntroductionClassified as an illicit drug in many countries, marijuana is outlawed by many governments. In Nigeria, it is often referred to as ‘Indian hemp’, in the country, Cannabis Sativa, which has enjoyed ... more
  • 11 months Should Indian Hemp Be Legalised In Nigeria? By Natasha Akpoti SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It suddenly turned cold in Boston and I wasn’t properly dressed for the weather.My hotel was far away and my only option was to dash into a store for some jeans or leggings to wear under my long dress. Patagonia was right beside me. I walked in and began hunting for the perfect pair. Then I saw a signage “HEMP CLOTHING “ and in smaller letters : Natural . Misunderstood. Legal. I walked up to the racks beneath and behold, all clothing from jeans to skirts; baby ... more
  • 11 months Ganduje: Understanding The Pathology Of Revenge By Azu Ishiekwene SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Kano State Governor Ganduje Kano State Governor Ganduje The Sarkin Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, always wanted to be to local. Even in his heyday as governor of the Central Bank, he said he was often amused when public office holders fought for appointment as ministers, state governors, ambassadors or for any position at all on the big stage.  All he ever wanted after his tour of duty at the Central Bank, he said, was to be Sarkin Kano, the emir. He got his ... more
  • 11 months CBN Crooks And Thieves: Governor Godwin Emefiele, Three Others Busted Over 500 Billion Naira Loot By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    “Corruption” is an inadequate word to describe the Nigerian nation. Since independence in 1960, corrupt practices have constituted the rules by which Nigeria has been run. The old predatory political class has survived on corruption till date, and the fundamentals of the old system remain unchanged. Sunday, May 12, SaharaReporters in a posted exclusive audio busted Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Godwin Emefiele, Edward Adamu (deputy governor), Dayo Arowosegbe (finance dire tor), and Emmanuel Ukeji (special adviser to the CBN ... more
  • 11 months Four Reasons For Optimism On Economic Inclusion In Nigeria By Joe Abah, Nate Bourns, And Brigit Helms SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Viewed in isolation, statistics on the Nigerian economy paint a bleak picture. Having emerged from the 2017 recession, Nigeria is growing at an anemic 1.5 to 1.9 percent per year—against population growth of 2.6 percent. Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world where poverty has worsened—90 million of its citizens languish in absolute poverty. With the median age stuck at 17.9 years, some say a “youth bomb” has already detonated; certainly, youth unemployment is unacceptably high at 43 ... more
  • 11 months REPORTER’S DIARY: How Governor Amosun’s Goons Detained, Tortured Us For ‘Daring’ To Cover Ogun Gubernatorial Election By Adeoba Abiodun And Ad... SaharaReporters |Opinion
    When death stares you in the face, they say, at that moment you  have a fleeting but panoramic view of how you spent your life till that moment. I never believed such theory until I saw what the powerful sentence meant. On Saturday, March 9, 2019, a day I will never forget for I had an ordeal that nearly took my life. In the heat of the ordeal I’d thought that would be all for me. I started contemplating being ... more
  • 11 months Interrogating APC’s Muslim-Muslim Leadership Option In NASS By Ariyo-Dare Atoye SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The jury is still out. So, this piece could also qualify as an open letter to the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC).  Wisdom is very profitable to direct in leadership. Strategic leadership is central to the progress, stability and unity of every society. Obviously, we have come to a point where we must ask the “main” drivers of the ruling APC to declare the party’s unwritten codes; unwritten because the party’s dictates have been found to be consistently contradictory to ... more
  • 11 months Dear Miss Leah Sharibu! By SOC Okenwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Dear Miss Leah Sharibu,Ordinarily I should be sending you a happy sixteenth birthday wish but that should not be the case here for obvious reasons. Ordinarily, again, I should be dropping these few lines with great delight given what yesterday represented in your young life but fate has decided otherwise. Therefore, I am writing you this open letter with heavy heart given what you are passing through whereever you are right now which cannot be attributed to you as a misdemeanour or juvenile ... more
  • 11 months A Senate That Refused To Confirm Magu Cannot Confirm Emefiele By Deji Adeyanju SaharaReporters |Opinion
    This is to inform the Nigerian Senate that the entire country is fervently following the second-term screening for the reappointment of the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele.  This screening is of particular interest to every Nigerian because it epitomizes the pinnacle of integrity-test for public servants, which must be carried out with utmost sincerity and diligence, especially at this time when our country is failing morally and institutionally.  It must be stated that Mr. Emefiele, according ... more
  • 11 months IPOB Is Using The Politics Of Fear To Manipulate Ndigbo By Churchill Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fear is a very strong tool that can change human behavior and blur our logic. It is a disease that eats away at reasoning and makes man insensitive. There are several reasons for this. One is that logic is slow; fear is fast. In situations of danger, real or imagined, we ought to be fast: First run or kill, then think. Historically, tribal demagogues have always weaponized fear and used it to manipulate and intimidate communities. IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu clearly ... more
  • 11 months If Leah Sharibu Was Zahra Buhari, Would She Still Be In Captivity? By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo A man, with bloodied “babariga” and with head cocked down, perched emotionlessly in the driver’s seat of a Land Cruiser jeep at Kurmin Kare village along Kaduna-Abuja express way in the searing afternoon of April 29. He was the driver of Mohammed Abubakar, chairman of the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC). He was nameless, and he suffered the most terrible fate. He was the first casualty of the kidnappers, who abducted his employer and daughter. But Abubakar and his ... more
  • 11 months Our Expectations Of A New National Assembly And Its Leadership By Peter Claver Oparah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In a few weeks’ time, a new National Assembly will be inaugurated to steer the legislative ship of the nation for the next four years. With the inauguration will emerge a new NASS leadership that is expected to point the way the new National Assembly will chart especially in complementing the efforts of the Buhari regime to take Nigeria to a Next Level. Presently, the front runners of the race for the NASS leadership are Senator Ahmed Lawan for the Senate ... more
  • 11 months The Courts Must Declare Atiku Abubakar President Of Nigeria (2) By Femi Aribisala SaharaReporters |Opinion
    When the APC discovered that Atiku had the authentic votes of the 2019 presidential election, retrieved from the INEC back server, the party went into panic mode.  Their first reaction was to demand that Atiku be prosecuted for hacking into the INEC computer.  But this position was self-defeating.  If indeed Atiku was guilty of this infraction, that would, in effect, authenticate the figures he released.  APC spokesman, Festus Keyamo, then insisted Atiku must have posted fake results in the INEC server.  ... more
  • 11 months Nigerians Need To Be Freed From Freedom (A Call For Revolution) By Adekunle Adeyemi Taofeek (Scott) SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Sudan just kicked out a dictator while many Nigerians are applying for a visa to travel abroad. Youths – mainly women in Sudan brought down a tyrant. News filtering in from Sudan suggests that Omar Al-Bashir has resigned amid protests in that country and that all Political prisoners have been released. It is important to note that, Freedom cometh by struggle. Sudanese kicked out the tyrant by non violent protest without anyone dying in the process. Here in Nigeria, fellow oppressed Nigerians ... more
  • 11 months Thinking With You… President Buhari’s Second Term: Invitation To Disintegration By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Bayo Oluwasanmi Bayo Oluwasanmi In January 2012, the BBC asked in a trenchant report, “Is Nigeria on the brink?” But today, the question that should be asked by Nigerians with modicum of common sense should be “When will Nigeria break up?” Buhari's second term kicks off officially May 29. But a carryover anarchy from his first term provides the necessary ingredients and of course invitation to Nigeria’s disintegration.There's no hope for the three separate, hostile, and unequal regions forcibly fused together by the Brits ... more
  • 11 months Kaduna 215MW Power Plant, A Case Of Mental Bankruptcy By Ettu Mohammed SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The Senate Joint Committee on Gas and Power, Steel Development and Metallurgy in 2017  demanded the suspension of the inauguration of the 215MW Kaduna Power Plant following a disagreement with the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing over its plan to run the plant on diesel. They were spot on.  Guess what In 2018. The Federal Government of Nigeria Budgeted N678m for FUEL AND O&M FOR COMMISSIONING AND OPERATION OF KADUNA POWER PLANT. How they managed to approve these funds calls ... more
  • 11 months Imagine Sanusi’s Fate If Ganduje Controlled The Police By Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo One of the resilient arguments against the establishment of state police is the retailing of the abusive power of the badge to governors. And really, this contention is germane if situated in the actualities of today. Why should “police power” be given to governors who see themselves as “constituted authority”? Who indiscriminately savage the treasury in the name of “security vote”, and who run local government authorities like fiefdoms? I admit, state policing may enhance security in the country, ... more
  • 11 months Jail Yahoo Yahoo Politicians Before Harassing Yahoo Boys By Sanyaolu Juwon SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Before I delve into the subject matter, I will like to immediately stress that this piece isn’t intended to reinforce support for internet fraud. Rather, it seeks to put on the front burner, the socio-economic foundation that supports  internet fraud and other related offences. This article would be drawing a social link between the rise of crime and irresponsible political decisions by a ruthless set of anti-poor and corrupt politicians. Fela Kuti was one musician who tried to establish a social ... more
  • 11 months Naija Politicians As Original Yahoo Plus! (Release Naira Marley And Other Artistes Now!!) By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The EFCC that is controlled by the real fraudsters and looters who steal, kill, and destroy our lives and commonwealth as working people has arrested raging  and street waving hip hop star; Afeez Fasola aka Naira Marley over his so-called "aiding and abetting" internet fraudsters popularly known as yahoo boys. First, mass fraud started blossoming in Nigeria in the mid-80s when state welfarism was removed from the letters of economy. The ideas of neo-liberalism, which promotes the transfer of state wealth ... more
  • 11 months Nigeria’s Fourth Estate’s Battle For Relevance And Survival By Tahir Sherriff SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Independent media is collapsing. Across the world news is taking a different form, starkly against the realities of the past. Nowhere is this more felt than in West Africa’s most populated country Nigeria. Just last weekend, we celebrated the World Press Freedom Day, many of us sending out tweets and making Facebook posts, but probably without enough reflection as to how truly unhealthy the nature of our democracy is, and why it is important to re-evaluate the role, position and importance ... more
  • 11 months Insecurity And Poverty – Nigeria’s Siamese Twins Of Trouble By Wole Olubanji SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Karl Marx can be praised or pilloried, but his ideas have never been easily dismissed. He established the dialectical relationship between economic production and social institutions. For Marx, it is how men produce the materials to preserve their lives (sustenance) that determine the nature of their social relationship, political or juridical institutions and even religious practices – and despite that laws or norms may later formalise the way man produces his sustenance, it is yet how he produces his sustenance (preserves ... more
  • 11 months Criminals In Uniform! By SOC Okenwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    That the Nigerian Police Force is about the worst national police formation in the world is no longer news. What is perhaps news is that they are digging deeper into infamy on a daily basis. In a frustrated country where oppression and persecution rate is all-time high nothing much is expected of a police force whose rank and file are never an epitome of professionalism. Scandalously ill-motivated, underpaid and corrupt the police force in Nigeria is a perfect example of how ... more
  • 11 months SPOKEN WORD: Ya Allah My Du’a Is To Stop The Violence And Massacre SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Ya Allah, my du’a is for the violence, taking place in my country to stop! Everyday one listens to the news and the ‘constant’ are tales of murders, massacres, kidnappings, rapes, oppression and so many other atrocities. It seems like every minute, every second, Nigerians are being tortured and armed banditry, theft and abject poverty is on the increase.No longer can one drive on the free way without the fear of being snatched. At this rate, one cannot be prepared for ... more
  • 11 months How ‘Solution 17’ Can Solve The World’s Most Pressing Problems For A Sustainable Future By Ehi Braimah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly set an agenda for a more sustainable future by identifying 17 global goals otherwise known as ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs). The intention is that by 2030, the universal call to action declared by the UN would create a better world by tackling the most pressing problems framed as the following 17 goals: no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work ... more
  • 11 months Igbo Unpopular Opinion: Authentic Igbo Identity Is Boundless By Churchill Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    This is first in a series that I have called “Igbo Unpopular Opinion.” It is an insider’s view of the inside, albeit, from outside looking in. In this introduction, I will discuss the misguided concept of a homogenous Igbo political identity in an ever-increasing multicultural Nigeria. The question at the heart of this prologue is, what does it mean to be Igbo in the context of political disposition in contemporary Nigeria?  Politics-wise, there is no consensus on what it means to ... more
  • 11 months Kwara Governor-Elect: A breath Of “Fresh Air” Or Another Long March In Miniature? By Nimi Princewill SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Having cruised to an eccentric victory by landslide at the recently concluded polls, the incoming Kwara State Governor Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq assuredly rides on the goodwill of the people—both for sheer political attraction, and his distinct role leading from the frontlines of the O To Ge (enough is enough) movement which ousted the long-lived "Saraki hegemony." Leveraging on the perceived shortcomings of the past and present administrations in the state, Alhaji Abdulrazaq and his All Progressives Congress party, APC, appeared to be the most endearing to the people.  ... more
  • 11 months The Courts Must Declare Atiku Abubakar President Of Nigeria (1) By Femi Aribisala SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In January, 2019, President Obasanjo burst again on the political scene in Nigeria with a16-page broadside which he entitled: “Points for Concern and Action.”  In this, he alleged that the upcoming 2019 presidential election was already shaping out to be nothing more than a self-succession project for President Buhari: “They have started recruiting collation officers who are already awarding results based on their projects to actualise the perpetuation agenda in which the people will not matter and the votes will not ... more
  • 11 months Buhari, Tonto Dikeh And Other Stories By Reuben Abati SaharaReporters |Opinion
    “Thank God President Buhari is back in the country. I feel some kind of relief.” “What is your own? Are you his son? And what is wrong in a man taking some time off work and returning 10 days later.”  “But you will agree with me that private visit to the United Kingdom more or less heated up the polity and generated considerable anxiety. Too many people became lawyers. When some people quote the Constitution like this, you will think that ... more
  • 11 months Ibadan-Ilesha Road: Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Holes By Sayo Aluko SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Now, my driver is a good driver. Omo yen n try. I like him. But there's always this verbal war of attrition that brews between us when we are traveling on a Nigerian road, of late, this Ibadan-Ilesha stretch. Potholes. "AY!!! Why now??? S'óò ríran ni? You no see??? Easy jor!" "Oga, e mábìínú, èmi náà kó, kòtò yen jìn ni. [Boss, nor vex, it's not me really, that hole is deep ni], the poor guy replies. That hole is deep. That hole is wide. That hole is large. That hole is big. That hole is bad gaan. All ... more
  • 11 months What Nigerians Expect From President Buhari’s Second Term By Peter Claver Oparah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Barring any unforeseen circumstances, President Muhammadu Buhari would be sworn in for a second term on May 29, 2019. This second coming has been christened the Next Level, which was the theme of his second term campaign. Embedded in this Next Level mantra is the expectation of the huge majority of Nigerians that fitting consolidation would be given to the policies the regime has charted in its first term, which has gone a long distance in re-defining and re-routing governance from ... more
  • 11 months Imo: What Difference Will Emeka Ihedioha Make? By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Since Mr. Emeka Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) emerged the winner of the governorship election held recently in Imo State, all sorts of people who are able to get themselves interviewed by reporters have been filling our ears with rambling tales about how a new “messiah” had emerged to liberate Imo people from the hands of their “oppressors” and “exploiters” and usher them into a glorious era of limitless happiness. As a citizen of Imo State who has closely ... more
  • 11 months Still On ‘Made In China’Outside The Box By Alex Otti SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Penultimate week, we had discussed the above issue which generated a lot of debate going by the number of mails I received from readers. While the debate continues, I will like to use this medium to deepen the discussion and publish some of the interesting feedbacks I received.  Let me quickly go to this misleading commentary about my using the article to declare my support for more borrowing from China. That is far from what the write up was about. Readers ... more
  • 11 months Nigeria: Becoming A Human Capital Export Nation By Oladayo Orolu SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The recent revelation by Mr Ike Chioke, the Group CEO of Afrinvest Ltd on the high-level remittances from Nigerians in the Diaspora to the Country as compared with actual export proceeds from Oil and Gas operations has brought to the fore the potential of Nigeria becoming a human capital nation rather than oil and gas. Mr Chioke asserted in his presentation that Nigeria earned $25bn in 2018 from Diaspora remittances compared with $18b from gross crude oil and gas ... more
  • 11 months A Revolution Is Coming Soon, It Will Rise From The North By Ettu Mohammed SaharaReporters |Opinion
    For decades the SAME group of individuals have presided over Nigeria. They allotted oil wells to themselves and their cronies, connived with their counterparts from other regions to loot money from crude oil sales for the last 5 decades. Despite all the billions of dollars they cornered for themselves and their cronies, they couldn't build a single state of the art hospital, or provide water, or build a school or invest in their people. They were okay looting every penny. They ... more
  • 11 months Sharia Police Arrest Of Citizens Publicly Eating At Ramadan Is Illegal And Unconstitutional By Festus Ogun SaharaReporters |Opinion
    As if the daily cases of lawlessness is not enough in this country, the Sharia Police has said it will arrest people caught eating in public as Ramadan beings on Monday. Apart from being an illegal, insensitive and unconstitutional directive, it is an open invitation to a perilous religious crisis in the country. Under the 1999 Constitution, every citizen of Nigeria, by virtue of Section 38, has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. And Section 10 states that there ... more
  • 11 months Spoken Word: My Ramadan Plan By Hannatu Musawa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It’s that time of year again that I find to have so much meaning and beauty. Tomorrow, Monday 3th of May 2019, ushers in Ramadan 2019, the 9th month in the Islamic calendar (Hijri 1440). To me Ramadan is so much more than fasting from dusk till dawn or feasting during Iftar. Not only is it a time when I endeavor to increase my Taqwa/Iman, become more charitable and strengthen my knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, it is also a time that I become closer ... more
  • 11 months Of Fallacious History And Pseudo – Science: The Ooni Enitan’s Dalliance With Diddle By Remi Oyeyemi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Remi Oyeyemi Remi Oyeyemi The seminal mandatory traditional reverence that are usually accorded our traditional rulers have come under egregious exploitation in recent months by the incumbent Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II. What has made this case more tragic is that he has engaged in this obnoxious exploitation of the culture and tradition of respects for elders and traditional rulers from the pinnacle of most revered stool in Yoruba History and Yoruba Nation.  Without let or hindrance, garmented in ... more
  • 11 months Dear IGP Adamu, Begging Bandits Is Not A Security Strategy by Fredrick Nwabufo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Fredrick Nwabufo Fredrick Nwabufo Dear Police Inspector-General Mohammed Adamu, You cannot tackle the atrophic security threat assailing the country by pandering to the whims of the antagonists. Of course, being a sterling security professional, you know this; hence my befuddlement by your statement at the meeting in Kebbi state yesterday. At the indaba with the leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), you were quoted to have said these words by national newspapers: “We will take measures to dialogue with ... more
  • 11 months Like Tonto Dikeh Like Nigeria Politicians By Lawal Sodiq Adewale SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Tonto Dikeh is a beautiful diva on the screen. Her style of acting is superb. Tonto is always ready to go extra mile to interpret roles and make fans fall in love with her the more. Her expository knowledge in interpreting roles is rare. Within few years on screen, she became the toast of all, celebrity of purpose and melted the hearts of her fans with good movies, a pay for hardwork and persistent determination. Have you watched the movie titled "Dirty ... more
  • 11 months Season Of Growing Divergence In The Confluence State By George Oyedepo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The Governor of Kogi State, Mr. Yahaya Bello must be the second most talked about person in the country at this time after President, Muhammadu Buhari. Though they are not attached to same umbilical, as they are not from same state. However, they are locked together by their political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). Even that seeming thread is at a breaking point. Unlike Buhari, Bello’s popularity is dipped in all manners of controversies such that the state’s slogan 'The ... more
  • 11 months Iyaloja Of Computer Village And The Tragedy Of A Nation Resistant To Development By Bright Ogundare SaharaReporters |Opinion
    All over the world among countries with sane leaders and proactive citizens, there is an apparent competition; a competition to lead the way in development and innovations, playing second fiddle has therefore become dreaded. To achieve this, unproductive systems are abolished for the productive ones. This is the opposite in Nigeria the self acclaimed giant of Africa.  Days ago, the media space was awash with the appointment of Iyaloja and Babaloja for the fast growing Nigerian technology hub popularly called "Computer Village" by the Iyaloja of Lagos, Mrs. Tinubu ... more
  • 11 months Rising Above Oppression By SOC Okenwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Prince Uche Secondus, the National Chairman of the opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP), was in his best opposition element, last weekend, when he addressed a world press conference in Abuja. He had hit the Buhari regime so hard that one was surprised at the virulent tone he employed in taking down the administration. Emboldened by the manifest failures of the man from Daura who is currently on medical tourism once again in London to attend to his fragile health Secondus sought to ... more
  • 11 months The Diminished Value Of Human Life in Nigeria Is Dreadful By Churchill Okonkwo SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Churchill Okonkwo Churchill Okonkwo Churchill Okonkwo I can recollect being depresses thinking of writing on the theme of the 2019 Earth Day -  Protect Our Species - that is out of sync with everyday reality in Nigeria. I couldn’t, therefore, in good conscience devote hours writing about the protection of animal species for a society where human lives have been so diminished that it now appears worthless. Buhari’s administration’s failure to reign in on the perpetrators of heinous crimes across Nigeria is depressing. More ... more
  • 11 months Revisiting The Life Pension Bill For Governors, Deputy Governors, Lawmakers In Bayelsa By Fortune God’sSon Alfred SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Something very funny and equally ridiculous, yet mischievous and dangerous is currently happening in my beloved State, Bayelsa. I don't know what exactly is responsible for the phenomenon I am about to explain to us.  I don't know if there is something in the air or water in the State that could be blamed for it or (to take it extremely far) if it's some sort of diabolical influence that has bewitched my people into the state I will depict for us later. In the meantime, however,  ... more
  • 11 months Why Dr. Ngige Can’t Treat That Headache By Azu Ishiekwene SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Azubuike Ishiekwene Azubuike Ishiekwene Labour and Productivity Minister, Chris Ngige, thinks it’s a virtue to speak first, and then, think later. He’s been that way since he came on the public scene nearly two decades ago. Those who know him well have learnt not to take him seriously. But he takes himself very seriously. We saw that again from his comment on Channels TV last week on whether or not we should be concerned about the migration rate of the medical workforce, especially ... more
  • 11 months Stemming The Crisis At NBET And Solving Our Electricity Problem By Chido Onumah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    In the last one year, the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company (NBET) has been embroiled in a crisis that has severe consequences for the company, and of course, the generation and distribution of electricity in the country. The crisis includes allegations of corruption against NBET CEO, Dr Marilyn Amobi, and victimization of staff, including two whistleblowers—Mr. Waziri Bintube, General Manager/Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Abdullahi Sambo—Deputy General Manager/Head of Internal Audit—who have put their careers and wellbeing on the line in ... more
  • 11 months Musings On Delayed Passports At The Canadian High Commission By Ehi Braimah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    It’s over eight weeks now that my international passport was submitted for the renewal of my Canadian travel visa. My wife and daughter also submitted their passports with mine on Friday March 1, 2019 to renew their visas -- my daughter applied for a student visa. This will not be the first time we are applying to renew our visas but this is the first time we have waited this long! In the past, our passports were returned after two or ... more
  • 11 months To Serve With Heart And Might; Celebrating The Nigerian Worker By Olawole Olakunle ‘MKO SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Labour was the first price, the original purchase-money that was paid for all things!  Whereas, not only has the Labor of our heroes past been in vain due to the excessive looting of their pensions and arrears making them liabilities for their children, their families and society at large; the unemployment, the poor labour welfare, the fraudulent staffing/recruitment system, the underpayment and many anti-labour policies make Nigeria's current heroes one of the most unappreciated workforces in the world.  The tenets of ... more
  • 11 months Monkey Dey Work, Baboon Dey Chop by Senami Kojah SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Senami Kojah Senami Kojah Today is Workers Day, but my pulsating anger queries, which worker? Is it the grateful monkey that nods eagerly at the unimaginably brown paltry Banana peels thrown at him while the brutish odd looking taskmaster, Mr. Baboon eats the juicy yellow flesh while lounging on the rock or supervising from the red and green patch?The legendary paradox of the Monkey and Baboon describes the uncanny reality of the Nigerian worker. As Nigerian workers and their union leaders with bellies ... more
  • 11 months Yahoo Boys, “Not Too Young To Scam” Trend And The Glorification Of Fraud In Nigeria By Alao Abiodun SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Using the biblical analogy, the 'internet' is just like a double-edged sword -- it makes much of our lives easy, making it possible for us to connect with people, family, loved ones and business partners no matter where they are on the globe, on the other hand -- it gives room for 'internet fraud' and 'cyber crimes' to reach right into our offices, our homes, and and into our daily lives. Sadly, for the past few weeks, the rate at which different ... more
  • 12 months Africa’s Rwanda, Nigeria’s Zamfara By Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Twenty years ago, the world was greeted with the horror of people turned against one another, with one group aiming to exterminate the other from existence. Rwanda, the stage where this conflict holds, differs from others in that the Rwanda issue was not even one of outright tribalism but an economic distingushing which revolved around cattle ownership.  The Tutsi were those who had a certain number of cattle while the Hutu were those who did not. This was the only distinguishing ... more
  • 12 months Easter In The Holy Land By Rifat Odeh Kassis SaharaReporters |Opinion
    The Way of the Cross is not confined to Easter week but has been going for 70 years in the Holy Land, writes Rifat Odeh Kassis For Christians in the Holy Land, Easter is the most important of Christian holy days. In fact, Palestinians refer to it as al-Eid al-Kabir (the Big Feast) while Christmas is known as al-Eid al-Saghir (the Little Feast). The Saturday before Easter Sunday is the climax of the Holy Week in occupied Palestine. ... more
  • 12 months Subsidy Removal As Fuel Price Increase (I): A response to Etu Mohammed By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Since SaharaReporters published his succinct piece on fuel subsidy removal three days ago, I have just read Etu Mohammed's 'Nigeria Needs To Remove Subsidy in 2019'. I will start by saying that I had wanted to ignore the article given the fact that it follows the same pattern with which many pundits help the ruling class to build the prevailing idea overtime. But on reading Ibe Kachukwu-the petroleum minister saying the landing cost of fuel is now #180 and that he would resign in 2020 if local ... more
  • 12 months 16 Hours Of Agony With Arik Airline By Adewale Adeoye SaharaReporters |Opinion
    One of Arik's A340 jets Act one Scene 1 If Arik Airline is owned by a Nigerian military despot and operating under a totalitarian regime, I would not have bothered. We have had democracy since 1999. A child born at that period is no longer a baby.  Go with me: Now, I have had agonizing stories from Nigerians at the Airport. Last week Thursday, it was my turn. My tormentor was Arik Airline. The nightmare began on Tuesday. Arik had postponed the ... more
  • 12 months Judges Should Rebuild The Temple of Justice By Bunmi Makinwa SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Nigerian judges Nigerian judges There was a time, and it was not too long ago, when in many communities the name or job of a parent qualifies a child for kindness or disdain. In the of qualification-by-association mindset, if one’s father or mother was a school teacher, the child was seen as disciplined and dilligent. The offspring of a well-educated person would get abundant respect. Similarly respected were the offspring of honest, reputable, hardworking folks. Some professions also bestowed respect and admiration on ... more
  • 12 months Thinking With You… If Pius Adesanmi Ran For President By Bayo Oluwasanmi SaharaReporters |Opinion
    As we continue to mourn the tragic loss of a great Nigerian, Professor Pius Adesanmi, it reminds us that Nigerians don't celebrate their heroes when they are alive. Rather, Nigerians prefer to celebrate villains, thieves, and destroyers of our nation.  We celebrate people without traditional qualities of the admirable leading man or woman. We celebrate those who lack courage, kindness and nobility, and moral goodness. We pour undeserved encomiums on people with character wrought with flaws and demons. There's no end ... more
  • 12 months Nigeria: How Not To Fight Corruption By Godwin Onyeacholem SaharaReporters |Opinion
    Between fighting corruption with bare knuckles in an inspired manner and wearing well-padded gloves to do half-hearted battle with a monster that has literally crippled the country, the Buhari administration has to make up its mind on which style to adopt. And because time is not on its side, it had better do so now. Although Buhari says he is fighting corruption, the question to ask is, how is he fighting it? It is true that waging war against corruption was ... more
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